The Building Zone Closes September 29

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Building Zone. Photo by Kevin Allen.
Photo by Kevin Allen.

On September 29, 2019, the Building Zone will be open to the public for one last time as we re-imagine and transform our spaces and places for our youngest visitors in the months and years ahead. Whether you visit every week or previously brought your child, now grown, the Building Zone has thrived thanks to visitors like you.

Why is the Building Zone closing?

The Building Zone has been a fun, active space for early learners since 2006 but we are ready to do something new. Since opening the Building Zone, the Museum has increased our focus on this age group and how we engage them in our mission.

We are glad you have enjoyed the Building Zone and encourage you to consider other ways of visiting the Museum with your young child.

What other exhibitions can I visit with my child?

Many of our exhibitions have content that is appealing to children, especially House & Home, PLAY WORK BUILD, and Animals, Collected. Each has objects, photographs, or models they will enjoy looking at and discussing. We also continue to keep early learners in mind as we develop exhibitions and programming for the future.

What else do you offer for children?

The Museum currently offers, and is planning, a robust package of programs and activities for families and early learners. From daily pop-up programs to monthly workshops, early learners can engage with the Museum in a variety of ways. Please view the Museum calendar or family page for a full list of offerings. The best way to stay in the loop is to join our email list.

My child loves the Building Zone and will be sad that it is closing. What can I do?

Prepare them now for the closure of the Building Zone; talk about what that means and ask how it makes them feel. This also presents an opportunity to teach your child about change, and new books in the treetop library can help facilitate this conversation. Later this summer you and your child can also share your favorite Building Zone memories with other visitors and Museum staff.

How will the space be used after the exhibition closes?

The room that once housed the Building Zone will provide an additional space for Museum programming. Many of your favorite toys will also be used for future programming, or appropriately donated.

How does this impact my membership benefits?

Your membership still gets you free access to all Museum exhibitions, including Lawn, the 2019 Summer Block Party installation. Members receive priority access to select family programming and other perks throughout the year. If you want to discuss maximizing your membership, please contact Laura Blackwelder at or Mark Davis at

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?

During your Museum visit, staff and volunteers at the information desk are available to help. You can also send inquiries to