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On February 7 the Museum will look at how innovative housing options can address the needs of vulnerable populations. Rosanne Haggerty, president, Community Solutions; Debbie Burkart, national vice president, supportive housing, National Equity Fund, Inc., and Jennifer Schneider, associate director of Housing Development at SOME (So Others Might Eat) consider barriers to affordability for supportive housing as well as the creative solutions, especially for chronically homeless populations, including veterans.

The Ker Conway Residence is a mixed-income housing property located on North Capitol Street NE Washington, D.C.  with fully furnished 60 units for formerly homeless veterans.

ker conway housing image Courtesy DLR Group.
Ker Conway image courtesy DLR Group.
To get an idea of their transition out of homelessness we collected some quotes from the residents.

“I’m still riding off that–it’s almost like getting high off cocaine, but it’s better. I’m grateful to be here and I’m going to help take care of this building because ten years, twenty years from now, I want it to still look the way it looks now.”
James Rogers (Washington Post)

“It’s just a sense of lightness, you know, pressure off me. If I want to get up at two in the morning and fix me a nine-course meal, I can do that.”
Mike Taylor (Washington Post)

“From the early 80s until a few months ago, I moved back from benches to cars to rehab. Living at the Conway Residence is a dream to me. When I look out my window, it feels like I’m in heaven looking down. But my favorite thing about it isn’t the view, or even the people, it’s that it’s mine.”
Clifford Rowe

“It was like someone took a ton of weight off my back. To find out I had a home coming, that was wonderful.”
Clifford Rowe

Welcome to the Conway Residence

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