2018 Scully Prize: Essential Reading

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Architecture critics Inga Saffron and Robert Campbell, FAIA are the recipients of the Museum’s 2018 Vincent Scully Prize. The award celebrates the pair’s thoughtful, insightful, and clear journalistic observations and criticisms of the built environment. Both Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists, the two are honored by the Museum for their ability to reveal how architecture criticism can raise the consciousness and expectations for the built environment.

Inga Saffron Selected Articles

Photo courtesy SHOP Architects.

“Your proposal smartly expressed a desire for the trinity of great urbanism: density, walkability, diversity.”

“An open letter to Amazon: Here’s the pitch for Philadelphia”

“For all that, few people know that Wilcots was responsible for completing Kahn’s biggest and most prestigious project.”

“The overlooked African American architect who completed Louis Kahn’s masterpiece”

“As the Porch’s pop-up transitions into a more mature form, the designers need to figure out how to infuse its playful spirit into its permanent form. That’s a challenge, but no one ever said growing up would be easy.”

The pop-up Porch at 30th Street Station struggles to transition to a grown-up park”

“With this project, Comcast stands to reformulate the architectural imagery of the technology industry. An urban icon for the wired world has been long overdue. Foster’s design promises to provide it.”

“Changing Skyline: Comcast tower a new symbol for technology”

Robert Campbell Selected Articles

“He said of the memorial: “I want it to be epic.””

“How Boston could make an MLK memorial stand with the best”

Northeastern University photo by Warren Jagger Photography.
Northeastern University photo by Warren Jagger Photography.

“The main entrance is what prompts the students’ awe. You step directly from city streets and plazas through a glass wall into a five-story skylit atrium that explodes with light and energy. The atrium feels magical, an airy oasis in the crowded city.”

“ISEC building is an emblem of new era at Northeastern

“But the triumph of Millennium isn’t the long view. It’s exactly the opposite. It’s the fact that as you walk closer, the tower disappears. Unless you look carefully and crane your neck, you can’t find it.”

“On close inspection, the Millennium Tower stands out”

“The prow, when it was new, sported an architectural frosting of ornamental yellow brick and white marble. That coat, both playful and dignified, has been painstakingly restored at considerable expense. It was an early reminder that the Bolling was going to remember Roxbury’s past.”

“Bolling Building an architectural gem in Roxbury

Celebrate thoughtful, insightful, and clear journalistic observations about, and criticisms of, the built environment as the Museum presents the 2018 Vincent Scully Prize on October 29.

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