Distance Learning

The Museum’s Distance Learning programs bring our educators into your classrooms through live-streamed programs.

The following offerings were designed for grades 4-7. All programs are offered at 1:10 PM EST at the dates below. Partner fees may apply.

Why Engineering?

This program will investigate that question through the role of engineers, who work to make the buildings around us stronger and safer. Learn how forces such as compression and tension act on buildings, and how engineers address the challenge of loads and forces using columns, arches, trusses, and domes. See these engineering principles at work in the National Building Museum’s historic building, explore other famous buildings from across the globe in our past exhibition Around the World in 80 Paper Models, and watch as we demonstrate the forces at work.

April 12

Engineering Solutions

Ever wonder how buildings stand up? Ever wonder what makes the air conditioning in our homes work?  Ever wonder why skyscrapers are so tall? Take a look at engineers and their impact on the places where we live, work, and play. These problem solvers are always curious about the world. Are you? Through a series of interviews with engineers and fun design challenges, you will learn about careers in engineering in this interactive STE(A)M program.

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