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The Museum looks forward to resuming in-person programs for school classes when we are able to.


Teaching Resources

Evicted Teaching Guide

Developed in conjunction with the Museum’s 2019 exhibition Evicted, this teaching guide provides tools and resources to engage 6th–12th grade students in analyzing, discussing, and proposing solutions to the complex social issue of eviction in the U.S. The guide includes background information from the exhibition and a format for facilitating open collaborative inquiry that can be applied to other topics.

Download a printable version of the teaching guide (PDF)

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St. Elizabeths Teaching Guide
Developed in conjunction with the Museum’s 2018 exhibition Architecture of an Asylum: St. Elizabeths 1852–2017, this teacher guide includes historical information and activities that focus on understanding the connection between a space’s design and how people use and interact in it. Students analyze primary sources like historical photographs, maps, and architectural drawings to research the theory of moral treatment and architecture to treat mental illness at St. Elizabeths.

Download the lesson plan (PDF)

Download the images and resources (PDF)

This teaching guide was generously supported by the General Services Administration.


Teaching Kits for Schools
The Museum’s boxed teaching kits include multi-lesson curriculum units, resources, and materials for analyzing the built world in your classroom. They are available for sale through the Museum Shop.

Bridge Basics (grades 5–9) uses bridge engineering and design as vehicles for exploring and solving problems.

Green Community (grades 5–8) provides a comprehensive approach to studying green, sustainable communities.

Designing for Disaster (grades 7–9) teaches students about the tools design professionals employ to limit the impact of natural disasters on structures, communities, and people.