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Blueprints is now out of print. The Museum’s magazine featured in-depth articles exploring various issues related to exhibitions and programs at the Museum. Arranged thematically, each issue offered a deeper insight into the Museum’s mission and the built environment. View a selected archive below, and contact us for more information about past issues and articles.


  • “Healthy Communities, Green Communities,” by Howard Frumkin, MD, DrPH
  • “The Lay of the Landscape: An Interview with Leonard J. Hopper, FASLA,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Words, Words, Words,” by Paul Farmer, FAICP

FALL 2008

  • “Design High,” by Johanna Weber
  • “A Lens on Design: Investigating Where We Live,” by Jamee Telford
  • “Toward A National Academy of Environmental Design: An Interview with Michael Monti,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.


WINTER 2007-08

  • “Renewing Urban Renewal: A Case Study in Southwest D.C,” by Amanda Murphy
  • “The New Face Preservation: An Interview with Richard Moe,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Silo Point: An Industrial-Strength Renovation,” by Christopher Pfaeffle, AIA, NCARB
  • “Federal Modern: Assessing and Preserving a Legacy,” by Susan Piedmont-Palladino

FALL 2007

  • “African Threads in the American Fabric: An Interview with Richard Dozier,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Community Crusader: An Interview with Reverend Anthony Motley,” by Jennifer Bauman
  • “Contemporary Architectural Practice in Africa: Mashabane Rose Associates,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.


Spring 2007
Volume XXV, No. 2

  • “Toy Story – Museum Acquires Unique Collection,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Schools and the Language of Design: Architecture as Education,” by Christian Long
  • “Coletta School: Bringing Buildings Blocks to Life,” by Jaime Van Mourik

WINTER 2006-07

  • “Shakespearean Theater: It’s Not What You Think: An Interview with Michael Kahn,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “An Actor’s Perspective on Theater Design: An Interview with Holly Twyford,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Lessons from the Study of Historic Theater Architecture,” by Franklin J. Hild
  • “Architecture and Dance: An Interview with Frances Bronet,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.

FALL 2006

  • “Lessons in Arcology: An Interview with Paolo Soleri,” by Susan Piedmont-Palladino
  • “The Art of Building Lightly: An Interview with Shigeru Ban,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “All that Glitters Isn’t Green,” by Carlos Martin and Asa Foss for the PATH Partners


  • “The Pope-Leighey House: An Interview with Loren Pope,” by Steven M. Reiss, AIA
  • “The Marden House: An Interview with James Kimsey,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “No Ordinary Clients: The Story of Luis and Ethel Marden,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Coonley” and “Wright,” by Avery Coonley Faulkner

WINTER 2005-06

  • “Revealed: The National Building Museum’s Collection,” an Interview with Chrysanthe B. Broikos and Dana Twersky
  • “Birth of a Museum,” by Herbert M. Franklin and Cynthia R. Field

FALL 2005

  • “Mapping Jewish Washington,” by Laura Schiavo
  • “Architecture on Screen,” by Deborah Sorensen


  • “The Invisible History of Erasing,” by Susan Piedmont-Palladino
  • “Retooling the Architecture Machine: Innovations of Digitally-Driven Architecture,” by Kevin R. Klinger


  • “Social Capital: Washington in the Gilded Age,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Imposing Place: The Federal Hand on the D.C. Landscape,” by Daniel Emberley
  • “Pennsylvania Avenue: Reflections of Urban Revitalization and the PADC,” by M. J. “Jay” Brodie


  • “Concrete: A History of Experimentation,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “The Future of Concrete”
  • “Paris and Washington: A Tale of Two (Concrete) Cities”


  • “Acquiring Architecture: Building a Modern Collection,” by Matilda McQuaid
  • “Drawn to the Edge: Meaning at the Margins of Architectural Drawings,” by Thomas Fisher
  • “Recording a Built Symphony,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.


  • “Masonry Surprises”
  • “Old Urbanism: The Continuing Viability of the Rowhouse,” by Tony Schuman
  • “Stories of Home: An Interview with Bill Bamberger,” by Bill Taylor, edited by Chrysanthe B. Broikos
  • “Affordable Housing: Designing an American Asset,” by Ralph Bennett

winter 2003
Volume XXI, No. 1

  • “In Praise of Shutters” by Susan Piedmont-Palladino
  • “Sustainability Architecture” by Mark Jarzombek
  • “Building in the Aftermath” by Martin Moeller
  • “Venturi and Scott Brown Share Scully Prize”

FALL 2003

  • “Rooms that Move,” by G. Martin Moeller, Jr.
  • “Space Elevators: From 20th-Century Dream to 21st-Century Reality?,” by Alisa Goetz
  • “The Endless Conveyor,” by John King
  • “The Escalator in Art and Photography,” by Julie Wosk


  • “Mount Vernon: An American Icon,” by William Seale
  • “Architectural History’s Debt to Historic Preservation,” by Dell Upton
  • “A House for a (Future) President,” by Huff + Gooden Architects

spring 2003
Volume XXI, No. 2

  • Annual Report

fall 2002
Volume XX, No. 4

  • “Reflections on ‘Do it Yourself’” by Carolyn Goldstein
  • “Constructing Masculinity in the Basement” by Steven M. Gelber
  • “Doing it Ourselves: The Joys of Imagining” by Karal Ann Marling
  • “Me, Myself & Infrastructure” by Martin Moeller
  • “Zaha Hadid Laboratory” by Martin Moeller
  • “DAP Squad Tackles Design Challenges” by Mike Hill
  • “A Tribute to J. Carter Brown” by Carolyn S. Brody

Summer 2002
Volume XX, No. 3

  • “Neutra’s Windshield House: An Interview with J. Carter Brown” by Martin Moeller
  • “Dr. Neutra Comes to Washington: An Interview with Donald A. Brown” by Martin Moeller
  • “The Cyclorama Building: Neutra’s Monumental Vision at Gettysburg” by Christine Madrid French
  • “The Turner City Collection” by Martin Moeller
  • “Leslie Robertson Receives First Henry C. Turner Prize”

Spring 2002
Volume XX, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Winter 2001 [2002]
Volume XX, No. 1

  • “The Future of ‘Ground Zero’” by Thomas Mellins
  • “Recreating the Open City” by Raymond Gastil
  • “New Materials, Stronger Buildings” by Martin Moeller
  • “On Track: Transit and the American City” by Kathy Franz and Mary Konsoulis
  • “Duany and Plater-Zyberk to Receive Scully Prize”

Fall 2001
Volume XIX, No. 4

  • “Cesar Pelli: The Architect as Placemaker” by Martin Moeller
  • “Public Space in a Private Age” by Martin Moeller
  • “The Forest and the Plaza: Public Space in the Executive Era” by David Gissen
  • “The Evolution of William L. Price” by Alisa Goetz
  • “Urbanization in America’s West” by Ed Worthy

Summer 2001
Volume XIX, No. 3

  • “The ‘Space Architecture’ of R. M. Schindler” by Judith Sheine
  • “Why Schindler? Why now?” by Margaret Crawford
  • “Designing the Magic Kingdoms” by Karal Ann Marling
  • “Towards a New Federal Modernism” by David Gissen
  • “Art Gensler on Strategic Design” by Karen Eisenberg

Spring 2001
Volume XIX, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Winter 2001
Volume XIX, No. 1

  • “On the Job: Design and the American Office” by Donald Albrecht and Chrysanthe B. Broikos
  • “Saving Sloss: From Iron Furnaces to World-Class Interpretive Site” by Eric DeLony
  • “Seeing Green”
  • “Disney and the Architecture of Imagination” by Beth Dunlop
  • “Jane Jacobs Receives Scully Prize” by Karen Eisenberg

Fall 2000

Volume XVIII, No. 4

  • “Crossing Boundaries to Stop Sprawl” by Bruce Adams
  • “Congressman Earl Blumenauer on Building Livable Communities” by Earl Blumenauer
  • “Tools as Art: Collector’s Perspective” by John Hechinger, Sr.
  • “Great Hall Columns Remarbleized”

Summer 2000

Volume XVIII, No. 3

  • “Going with the Grain: The American Tradition of Building with Wood” by Richard Guy Wilson
  • “The Nature of Wood” by Peter Q. Bohlin, FAIA
  • “Gerald D. Hines: Developer Blends Art and Business” by Hilary Lewis
  • “New Series Explores Planning Issues Behind D.C. Building Boom” by Christina K. Wilson
  • “Andrés Duany on the New Urbanism” by Karen Eisenberg

Spring 2000
Volume XVIII, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Winter 2000
Volume XVIII, No. 1

  • “Inhabiting and Icon: First Ladies and the White House” by Sarah Fayen
  • “Bringing the White House to the People” by Karen Eisenberg
  • “The Space Within: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House” by Robert McCarter
  • “Scully Prize: Noted Architectural Historian Receives Inaugural Prize”
  • “After Bilbao: Gehry Speaks about Recent Work” by Karen Eisenberg

Fall 1999
Volume XVII, No. 4

  • “The View from the Road” by John Margolies
  • “Equipped for your Complete Comfort” by Michael R. Harrison
  • “John Margolies: Chronicler of the Road” by Karen Eisenberg
  • “Deconstructing Modernism” by Karen Eisenberg

Summer 1999
Volume XVII, No. 3

  • “The Corner Store: Where Public and Private Intersect” by Ellen Beasley
  • “Berlin Looks for Its Heart at Potsdamer Platz” by Michael R. Harrison
  • “Airports and the American City” by Edmund Worthy
  • “South Florida Gets Smart About Growth” by Mary Konsoulis
  • “Appreciation: Jay Pritzker, Founder of Pritzker Architecture Prize” by Marjorie Lewis

Spring 1999
Volume XVII, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Fall 1998
Volume XVI, No. 4

  • “The Landscape of Latino Los Angeles” by Camilo José Vergara
  • “City Satire: The Cartoons of Roger K. Lewis” by Chrysanthe B. Broikos
  • “The Abandoned Buildings of Ellis Island” by Roger P. Long
  • “The New Museum: Design Versus Content” by Edmund Worthy

Summer 1998
Volume XVI, No. 3

  • “Newark Gambles on the Performing Arts” by Deborah K. Dietsch
  • “Hoover Dam: Building an American Icon” by Nancy Growald Brooks
  • “Home Improvement Comes of Age” by Carolyn Goldstein
  • “Appreciation: Brendan Gill” by Susan Henshaw Jones

Spring 1998
Volume XVI, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Winter 1998
Volume XVI, No. 1

  • “Engineers’ Dreams: The Creativity of the Roller Coaster” by Robert Friedel
  • “A Dome of Their Own” by Karen Eisenberg
  • “Remaking Washington’s Pennsylvania Quarter” by Chrysanthe B. Broikos

Fall 1997
Volume XVI [XV], No. 4

  • “Planning Washington’s Monumental Core: Best Laid Plans” by Pamela Scott
  • “Building is Fundamental: New York City Public Schools” by Carol Clark
  • “Chain-Store Pioneers” by Karen Eisenberg
  • “Landmark Study Paved Way for Building Museum” by Karen Eisenberg

Summer 1997
Volume XV, No. 3

  • “Driving Through Paradise” by Richard Quin
  • “Rethinking Public Housing” by Blair Kamin
  • Tools as Art: Hardware Fantasies” by Sarah Tanguy
  • “Building in the Public Realm” by Karen Eisenberg

Spring 1997
Volume XV, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Winter 1997
Volume XV, No. 1

  • “The Kress Architectural Legacy” by Bernice L. Thomas
  • “Building the Nation’s Capital” by Debra Hughes
  • “Framing the Urban Experience” by Gregory K. Dreicer
  • “Gill on Wright” by Brendan Gill
  • “Symposium Sheds New Light on Montgomery Meigs”

Fall 1996
Volume XIV, No. 4

  • “Museum Completes First Phase of Master Plan” by Mary Konsoulis
  • “United States Embassies: America’s Face Abroad” by Jane Canter Loeffler
  • “Places in the Mind: Watercolors of Lauretta Vinciarelli” by Karen Eisenberg

Summer 1996
Volume XIV, No. 3

  • “Fences and Settlement of New England” by Anne Stillman
  • “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Palace” by Joan Bassin
  • “The Urban Forum at the National Building Museum” by David Sigmund
  • “Acquisitions Highlight Career of Pension Building Architect” by Mary Margaret Carr

Spring 1996
Volume XIV, No. 2

  • Annual Report

Winter 1996
Volume XIV, No. 1

  • “Constructed Perceptions: Architectural Photography in the United States” by Joseph Rosa
  • “Wurts Brothers Collection Documents Built America” by Doyle Rice
  • “Honoring the Victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing” by Karen Eisenberg
  • “The New American Ghetto” by Camilo José Vergara

Fall 1995
Volume XIII, No. 3

  • “The Dome: Symbol of American Democracy” by Natalie Shivers
  • “Beginning to Rebuild: Design Workshop Helps Oklahoma City Move Forward” by Jackie L. Jones
  • “Quonset Hut Play: Exploring Tents of Tin” by Amanda Ohlke DiPaul
  • “Blueprint for the Future Moves Ahead” by Donald Albrecht
  • “Weather is Great, Wish You Were Here: American Postcard Collection” by Susan Wilkerson

Spring 1995
Volume XIII, No. 2

  • “From Movie Palace to Multiplex” by Maggie Valentine
  • “A Home of One’s Own” by Carolyn M. Goldstein
  • “Galloping Gertie Flies Again” by Donald Albrecht
  • “A Moment in Building: Winning Photographs”
  • “NBM Celebrates Renovation with Look Back in Time” by Joyce A. McGhee
  • “Federal Triangle Models Join Museum Collections” by Susan Wilkerson

Winter 1995
Volume XIII, No. 1

  • Annual Report

Fall 1994
Volume XII, No. 4

  • “World War II and the American Dream” by Donald Albrecht
  • “The Struggle for Public Housing” by Margaret Crawford
  • “Making it in Birmingham” by Gregory K. Dreicer
  • “Home Is…” by Betsy May-Salazar
  • “Farewell, Old Barn” by Gregory K. Deicer
  • “Collection Rescued from Trash: Indiana Limestone” by Susan Wilkerson

Summer 1994
Volume XII, No. 3

  • The Art of Building in North Carolina” by Catherine W. Bishir
  • “The DesignWise Workbook: How Can You Improve Our Built Environment?” by Anna Slafer
  • “CityVision: A Success Story” by Ellen B. Langholtz

Spring 1994
Volume XII, No. 2

  • “The Americanization of the Barn” by Thomas C. Hubka
  • “The Ambiance of Eating: Pavilion Dining Room, Virgin Gorda” by Brian P. Kane
  • “Raising a Barn” by Amanda DiPaul
  • “Book Review: Dugout to Deco: Building in West Texas, 1880-1930” reviewed by Susan Wilkerson
  • “Tales of Trustees – Creating Great Urban Places: Lessons from Battery Park and Los Angeles’ Union Station” by Stanton Eckstut, FAIA
  • World War II and the American Dream: How Wartime Building Changed a Nation” by Donald Albrecht and Joel Davidson
  • “ISTEA” by Ted Pockman

Winter 1994
Volume XII, No. 1

  • “The Entangled American House” by Stephen Kendall
  • “The Ambiance of Eating: JANOS Restaurant, Tuscon, AZ” by Ted Pockman
  • “Building Green” by Douglas Greenwood
  • “Save Outdoor Sculpture!” by Ted Pockman
  • “Tales of Trustees: A Trip to Poland” by Kent W. Colton
  • “Design Access Video Review: Looking at Change Before it Occurs” reviewed by Stephanie C. Hodal
  • “Building for World War II: The Quonset Hut” by Duncan Hay
  • “The Hamilton City Planning Collection” by Susan Wilkerson

Fall 1993
Volume XI, No. 4

  • “Building for World War II: The Aerospace Industry” by Joel Davidson
  • “The Ambiance of Eating: Lemaire Restaurant, Richmond, VA” by Thomas Wilson Sweeney
  • “A New Industrial Heritage District” by Ted Pockman
  • “The Evolution of the Missouri Motel” by Karen Grace
  • “Design Access Video Review: Great Inventions/Good Intentions” reviewed by Stephanie C. Hodal
  • “Tales of Trustees: A Reminiscence by Harold L. Adams, Chairman of RTKL Associates” by Thomas S. Page
  • “The Making of an Exhibition: La Casa de Todos Nosotros” by Ted Pockman

Summer 1993
Volume XI, No. 3

  • “Firmness Commodity and Delight in the Junkyard” by Forrest Wilson
  • “Book Review: Campus Design and The Campus as a Work of Art” reviewed by Martin Zimmerman, AIA
  • “The Ambiance of Eating: The Women’s Industrial Exchange, Baltimore, MD” by David Chase

Spring 1993
Volume XI, No. 2

  • “Designing for Today: Six Buildings” by Forrest Wilson
  • “Building the Future” by Ted Pockman
  • “The Ambiance of Eating: Morrison-Clark Inn, Washington, DC” by Douglas McCreary Greenwood
  • “Design Access” by Susan Hyatt
  • “Across the Nation: Building Courses” by Ted Pockman
  • “Tribute: Cloethiel Woodard Smith” by Beverly Willis, FAIA

Winter 1993
Volume XI, No. 1

  • “Rediscovering America at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition” by Alvin Rosenbaum
  • “A Moment in Building: Winning Photographs”
  • “Is the Master Builder Dead?” by Beverly Willis, FAIA
  • “Tech Notes: Butterflies in the Space Frame, Hospital Oncologia, Mexico City” by Forrest Wilson
  • “Researching Kress” by Susan Wilkerson

Fall 1992
Volume X, No. 4

  • From Mars to Main Street: America Designs, 1965-1990” by William Bushong
  • “Ohio’s Building Materials: Building Stones” by Steve C. Gordon
  • “Book Review: New Households, New Housing” reviewed by Martin Zimmerman, AIA

Summer 1992
Volume X, No. 3

  • “Vitruvius Revisited” by Forrest Wilson
  • “Alaska Highway” by Lauren Erdman
  • “Book Review: Seaside: Making A Town in America and Towns and Townmaking Principles” reviewed by Martin Zimmerman, AIA
  • “A Moment in Building: Winning Photographs”

Spring 1992
Volume X, No. 2

  • “Building the American City: Milestones in American City Planning, From the Plan of Chicago to the Crash” by Laurence C. Gerckens, AICP
  • “Choosing Futures: Community Planning Today” by Susan L. Klaus
  • “American Planning: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” by Israel Stollman, AICP

Winter 1992
Volume X, No. 1

  • “Pittsburgh” by Jeffrey H. Slack
  • “Not Only Roads” by Milton DeVane
  • “What Makes a Great Place?” by Maryann Holway
  • “Accessibility” by Anna Slafer
  • “Book Review: Edge City” reviewed by Martin Zimmerman, AIA

Fall 1991
Volume IX, No. 4

  • “A Star in the East: Tall Buildings” by Forrest Wilson
  • “Weaving the Grand Tapestry: Open Space Design in the National Capital Region” by Martin Zimmerman
  • “The Benedict Stone Collection” by Brenda M. Doyle
  • “The Alexander Theater – Then and Now” by Lauren Erdman

Summer 1991
Volume IX, No. 3

  • “Learning from Baltimore and Washington” by M. J. (Jay) Brodie
  • “Architectural Works and Copyright Law” by William T. McGrath
  • “Builder’s Corner: How Reliable Are Our Building Senses” by Forrest Wilson
  • “How We Build Today: The Electrician” by Forrest Wilson

Spring 1991
Volume IX, No. 2

  • Mondo Materialis Opens” by Kevin Murphy
  • “Builder’s Corner: Owl’s Maybe? and Neat Tricks” by Forrest Wilson
  • “From Old Mules to Factory-Made Lumber: Engineered Wood” by Pete Kent
  • “The Rockefeller Family Photo Essay: Ideal Places and Rockefeller Visions for America”
  • “Building a New House in the Old Way” by Dhiru A. Thadani, AIA

Winter 1991
Volume IX, No. 1

  • Washington: Symbol and City
  • “NBM Renovation Continues”
  • “Anamosa, Iowa” by Ted Wesenberg
  • “The Well-Kept Secret: Engineering Failures” by Forrest Wilson
  • “A World in Glass and Steel: Biosphere II” by Laura Costello

Fall 1990
Volume VIII, No. 4

  • “Two Anniversaries for NBM” by Joyce Elliott
  • “Brooklyn Bridge [Exhibition] Reopens” by Linda Lyons
  • “Future Engineers and Builders” by Laura Costello
  • “Housing America” by Laura Costello
  • “The Wurts Collection”
  • “Architects and Outer Space” by Forrest Wilson

Summer 1990
Volume VIII, No. 3

  • “Kress: 5-10-25”
  • “Architecture and the Moving Image” by Neal I. Payton
  • “City Scale” by Elizabeth Donoff
  • “Soddies” by Laura Costello
  • “TIES: The Initiative for Environmental Sensitivity in Construction” by Laura Costello
  • “Diamond in Service to Architecture and Construction” by Douglas St. Pierre

Spring 1990
Volume VIII, No. 2

  • “Downtown Moves East” by Judy Jansen Burns
  • “Gateway to America: Ellis Island”
  • “A Moment in Building: Winning Photographs”

Winter 1990
Volume VIII, No. 1

  • “Ingenious Engineering Completes a Parkway” by Laura Costello
  • “A Moment in Building: Winning Photographs”
  • “Book Review: How Old is This House” reviewed by Shirley Maxwell
  • “Design in the Urban Landscape: An Expanded Definition of Urban Design” by William R. Morrish

Fall 1989
Volume VII, No. 4

  • “A Handbook to the Pension Building”
  • “Bridges for the Twenty-First Century” by John B. Scalzi
  • “Book Review: City: Rediscovering the Center” reviewed by Howard Gillette, Jr.
  • “Four-Dimensional Cities of the Future” by John Eberhard

Summer 1989
Volume VII, No. 3

  • “Cities of the Twentieth Century”’ by John Eberhard
  • Tools as Art: The Hechinger Collection” by Carolyn Laray
  • “Bethesda Controls Development with a ‘Beauty Contest’” by Laura Costello
  • “America’s Industrial Heritage Project” by Laura Costello

Spring 1989
Volume VII, No. 2

  • “Historic Development of City ‘Systems’” by John Eberhard
  • “’Steel Cloud’ to Hang Over L.A. Freeway” by Laura Costello
  • “Project for Public Spaces” by Laura Costello

Winter 1989
Volume VII, No. 1

  • “Celebrating the Inauguration: Inaugurations at the Pension Building” by Laura Costello
  • “America’s Heritage: HABS/HAER” by Sally Kress Tompkins
  • “Federal Design Awards”
  • “Film Review: Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown” reviewed by Harry G. Robinson III
  • “The Pleasure of Bridges” by Meredith Stricker and Thomas Cowen

Summer 1988
Volume VI, No. 3

  • “A Gateway Restored: Union Station” by William Bushong
  • “Artist’s Housing: Creating Live/Work Space That Lasts”
  • “Popcorn in the Bauhaus: The Unlikely Relationship Between Hollywood and Architecture” by Julie Dercle
  • “Cantilevered Barns” by Amy Sundback

spring 1998
Volume VI, No. 2

  • “James Wilson Rouse, Urban Visionary” by Mina Wright
  • “Acceptance Speech: James Wilson Rouse”


  • “Engineers’ Dreams: The Creativity of the Roller Coaster,” by Robert Friedel
  • “A Dome of Their Own,” by Karen Eisenberg
  • “Remaking Washington’s Pennsylvania Quarter,” by Chrysanthe B. Broikos
  • “Toll Free Spans”
  • “Porches: Pro or Con”
  • “Tents are Reborn: Major Exhibition on Fabric Structures”

Summer 1987
Volume V, No. 2

  • “A Moment in Building: Winning Photographs”
  • “Fire Insurance Maps” by Jo Brisbane
  • “Greenbelt’s 50th Anniversary” by Frederick Gutheim

Spring 1987
Volume V, No. 1

  • Behind the Scenes at the National Building Museum
    • “Build We Must”
    • “NBM’s Learning Center”
  • “Porches: A Big Preservation Decision in Essex, New York”
  • “History Under Your Feet: Bricks” by Jim Graves
  • “American Decorative Window Glass, 1860-1890”
  • “Architectural Monographs on Film: Mies Van Der Rohe and Richard Meier” reviewed by Naomi Miller
  • “Builders of America”
  • Building a National Image: Details from an Exhibition”

Winter 1986
Volume IV, No. 1

  • “The Museum is Open!”
  • “TVA at Fifty”
  • “America’s Changing Housing Needs” by Simone Swan
  • “Folk Architecture”
  • “The Great Bridge, Film Review: Ken Burns’ Brooklyn Bridge”
  • “Music in the Park: Bandstand Design”
  • “Philadelphia is for Architecture”
  • “Changing Fashions: Preservation and Renovation”

Summer 1985
Volume III, No. 2

  • “NBM’s First Exhibition Galleries to Open”
  • “Reflections of an Architect” by Henry Klein, FAIA
  • “The Contemporary Terra Cotta Competition, 1985”
  • “East of Denver” by Sarah J. Pearce

Fall 1984
Volume III, No. 1

  • “Architectural Drawings in Spring 1985”
  • “Look at Barns”
  • “Color Me In: Painting the Great Hall”
  • “Perspective on Boston” by Bernard M. Kramer
  • “Film: ‘Beyond Utopia’” reviewed by Naomi Miller
  • “Regional Diversity” by Deborah Auten
  • “Design by Mail Order: Mt. Carroll, IL”
  • “Local Architect Designed: Guthrie, OK”

Fall 1983
Volume II, No. 1

  • Behind the Scenes at the New National Building Museum
    • “On Top of the Job”
    • “Blue Skies Above”
    • “Renovation Work Begins”
  • “Houses of Justice”
  • “Craftsmen of America”
  • “A Woman’s Place: Women in Construction”
  • “Terra Cotta Archives”
  • “Spectacular Vernacular Architecture: Jean-Louis Bourgeois and Carollee Pelos”
  • “Houston: Stunned and Stunning” by Simone Swan
  • “Film Review: Palladio: The Architect and His Influence” reviewed by Charles Moore
  • “Toll Free Spans”
  • “Porches: Pro or Con”
  • “Tents are Reborn: Major Exhibition on Fabric Structures”

Fall 1981
Volume 1, No. 2

  • Behind the Scenes at the New National Building Museum
    • “A Design Challenge Met”
    • “On Location”
    • “Renovation Work Begins”
  • “The New Denver” by Max Price
  • “Architect of Genius – Montgomery C. Meigs” by Rick Beard
  • “Films on Construction: Building Gund Hall and Mudhouse reviewed by William L. Rawn
  • “Bridges as Structural Art” by David P. Billington

Summer 1981
Volume 1, No. 1

  • Behind the Scenes at the New National Building Museum:
    • “A New National Cultural Institution”
    • “A Symbol of New Life”
    • “’On Site’ – Television News Briefs from NBM”
    • “A Prize Location”
    • “Congress Declares”
    • “Records in Context”
  • “Chicago’s Historic and Architectural Landmarks” by Ira J. Bach
  • “Louise Mendelsohn: A Valiant Pioneer” by Bates Lowry
  • “Reviews of Film and Video about Building: Lewis Mumford: Toward Human Architecture and A Place to Be” reviewed by Naomi Miller
  • “An Early Admirer of the Pension Building: Hamilton Sutton Smith” by Lynne Murphy
  • “Towards a Data Bank for the Building World” by Michael Murtha