Marchitecture Madness

The NCAA Men’s Basketball champion will be crowned soon, but we’re starting fresh with all 64 tournament teams—but instead of basketball, we’re matching up each school’s iconic building. Will the overall one seed, Duke University’s Chapel, take the crown? Or perhaps an underdog like Fairleigh Dickinson’s Florham, or UC Irvine’s Gateway Humanities Building, will pull an upset? What campus building will have one shining moment?

Vote in each match up below by clicking on the building you think should move on. The corresponding school is identified in the match ups below. Make a mistake? Just click the back button. Buildings that you pick will then play against the winner of the next match up, until a final champion is selected. Submit your picks for a chance to win a HOOPS prize pack including tickets to see the exhibition, and a Museum Shop gift card. One entry per email; contest runs through April 28, 2019 at noon. By submitting your picks, you give permission to the National Building Museum to send periodic email updates on exhibitions, programming, and events.

East Region
  1. Duke University’s Chapel vs. North Dakota State’s Minard Hall
  2. VCU’s Snead Hall vs. UCF’s John C. Hitt Library
  3. Mississippi State’s Lee Hall vs. Liberty’s Freedom Tower
  4. Virginia Tech’s Burruss Hall vs. St. Louis’ Edward A. Doisy Research Center
  5. Maryland’s Memorial Chapel vs. Belmont’s Acklen Hall
  6. LSU’s Memorial Tower vs. Yale’s Memorial Quadrangle
  7. Louisville’s Grawemeyer Hall vs. Minnesota’s Northrop Hall
  8. Michigan State’s Beaumont Tower vs. Bradley’s Bradley Hall

West Region

  1. Gonzaga’s St. Aloyisius Church vs. Fairleigh Dickinson’s Florham
  2. Syracuse’s Hall of Languages vs. Baylor’s Neff Hall
  3. Marquette’s Marquette Hall vs. Murray State’s Jesse D. Jones Hall Chemistry Building
  4. Florida State’s Westcott Memorial Building vs. Vermont’s Old Mill
  5. Buffalo’s Hayes Hall vs. Arizona State’s Gammage Memorial Auditorium
  6. Texas Tech’s Administration Building vs. Northern Kentucky’s Griffin Hall
  7. Nevada’s Morrill Hall vs. Florida’s Century Tower
  8. Michigan’s Michigan Union vs. Montana’s University Hall

South Region

  1. UVA’s Rotunda vs. Gardner-Webb’s Lake Hollifield Bell Tower
  2. Ole Miss’ Lyceum Building vs. Oklahoma’s Evans Hall
  3. Wisconsin’s Bascom Hall vs. Oregon’s Villard Hall
  4. Kansas State’s Anderson Hall vs. UC Irvine’s Gateway Humanities Building
  5. Villanova’s St. Thomas of Villanova Church vs. Saint Mary’s College Chapel
  6. Purdue’s Bell Tower vs. ODU’s Webb Center
  7. Cincinnati’s Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center vs. Iowa’s Old Capitol Building
  8. Tennessee’s Ayres Hall vs. Colgate’s Chapel

Midwest Region

  1. UNC’s Old Well vs. Iona’s McSpeedon Hall
  2. Utah State’s Old Main vs. Washington’s Denny Hall
  3. Auburn’s Samford Hall vs. New Mexico State’s Goddard Hall
  4. Kansas’ Dyche Hall vs. Northeastern’s Ell Hall
  5. Iowa State’s Campanile vs. Ohio State’s Ohio Stadium
  6. Houston’s Roy G. Cullen Building vs. Georgia State’s Sparks Hall
  7. Wofford’s Old Main vs. Seton Hall’s Presidents Hall
  8. Kentucky’s Main Building vs. Abilene Christian’s Onstead-Packer Biblical Studies Building

Image credits: Courtesy of Abilene Christian University; Visitor7; Autiger; Irishjames2909; Davidhar; Trinitarian Creek; Alan Karchmer; Tomchartjr85; BrianReading; Billwhittaker; Dirk Hansen; ShameraKane; David Pinter; Tomf688; Alexis Horatius; Christopher Holland; Jitze Couperus; Tonywiki09; Njt188; T3h wookiee; Enjoybeta; Andrew Wendt; WikipediaWatchDog; DASonnenfeld; Nightryder84; Falcon8765; ajohnson360; Priyaranjan Pattnayak; Cory Maylett; abbike18; Jeff Auth; PegasusRacer28; Mark Goebel.