Wright on the Walls

June 10, 2017–September 4, 2017

Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright, by Vladimir Zabavskiy.
(above) Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright by Vlad Zabavskiy. (banner) Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Wauwatosa, WI, by Scott Clowney.



Celebrating the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright, Wright on the Walls transforms a gallery into an interactive, large-scale “coloring book” inspired by the architect’s work. Opening in conjunction with the Museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright Day, the exhibition runs through the Summer Block Party.

Wright on the Walls features original interpretations of built and unbuilt Wright designs created by local artists Scott Clowney and Vlad Zabavskiy. Focusing on five areas of Wright’s work—residential, commercial, houses of worship, automobile culture, and decorative details—the interactive space challenges visitors to add their own creative “color” to large-scale drawings printed on the walls, using shades and hues inspired by those used by Wright and his studio.

The drawings include lesser known and unbuilt projects, such as a gas station in Cloquet, Minnesota, and Wright’s surprising design for the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain in Dickerson, Maryland, as well as local sites like the Pope-Leighey House in Alexandria, Virginia. Wright on the Walls not only celebrates Wright’s legacy and lasting influence, but raises awareness about the role of color and nature in his work. Rounding out the sensory experience is ambient music adapted from music played in Wright’s Taliesin studios. Washable dry-erase markers are provided to visitors. Visitors are asked not to bring their own coloring supplies. Visitors can share their creations with the hashtag #WrightOnTheWalls; the National Building Museum will repost and share selected creations online.