What’s Already There: Sustainable Architecture from Brussels

June 3rd – August 29th

Presented by Brussels International and Urban.brussels, What’s Already There: Sustainable Architecture from Brussels explores six examples of sustainability-informed architecture. Structures ranging from private residences, to office buildings, to educational centers are presented to the public in three different ways. 

A tented “soft room” experience immerses visitors in an audio presentation of the featured projects. Large-scale booklets delve further into building construction through architectural drawings, diagrams, and photos. Finally, postcards allow visitors to take home their favorite project, or share it with a friend by mail. 

In the last several years, architecture firms in the Brussels region have been on the forefront of pioneering construction initiatives. Focused on responsible reuse of materials and existing structures, these projects demonstrate that building while consuming less energy and resources is both possible and beautiful. By avoiding complete demolition and choosing locally-available, eco-friendly material alternatives, these experimental examples show that “working with” is a responsible way to move forward in the construction field.    

What’s Already There projects address global concerns on a local level: climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation. Despite the seismic shift needed in the building industry to operate more sustainably, see how the architects, clients, contractors, and legislators involved in these projects were up for the challenge. 

Curated by Pauline Lefebvre and Thomas Vilquin, Université libre de Bruxelles.