March 9, 2019–January 5, 2020

This exhibition features hoops, backboards, and sometimes blacktops, reflecting the importance and enduring appeal of basketball in America, and across the globe. Hauntingly devoid of people, Bill Bamberger’s remarkable photographs are nonetheless neighborhood and community portraits.

Bamberger has a keen eye for elevating the everyday—often in overlooked, forgotten, or neglected places—into timeless, classic views of place. As he notes, “A photograph of someone making a great shot or a great move takes place in a fraction of a second, but an image of that same court taken without people is about a period of time in the layered history of a place. It is about the people who played on that court, who built that community, many of whom have come and gone.”

HOOPS will present a selection of large-format photographs taken across the country and in more than half-a-dozen countries, from the deserts of Arizona and Mexico to the hills of Appalachia, and from the streets of the Northeast to the playgrounds of South Africa. Whether tacked to the side of barn, subject to salt-water breezes, or surrounded by brick and chained links, the hoops and courts presented in the exhibition are sure to resonate and captivate the imagination.

HOOPS opens just in time for “March Madness” and the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball East Regional games that will take place at nearby Capital One Arena.

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