Visit the National Building Museum’s exhibition Evicted as it travels to cities around the U.S.

Inspired by Matthew Desmond’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, the Evicted exhibition brings visitors into the world of low-income renter eviction. The exhibition challenges visitors to face the enormity of one of 21st-century America’s most devastating problems, while providing context for the crisis and a call to action.

Developed in collaboration with designers MATTER Architecture Practice and mgmt. design, Evicted includes specially commissioned visual infographics and forward-thinking design to introduce visitors to the numbers and statistics that will help them to better understand the causes for and ramifications of chronic eviction. Data developed by the Eviction Lab—the first central repository for national eviction data—highlights rates of evictions in different markets and makes evident the depths of the problem. Working together, these elements amplify the stories of tenant families, as they explain in their own words and images the impact eviction has on them and their loved ones.

The exhibition also highlights ways that some local and state governments and nonprofits are intervening to upend the cycle of chronic evictions, such as Right to Counsel laws and new affordable housing projects. Visitors leave armed with ideas for ways they can enact change in their jurisdictions, and help alleviate the downward spiral for those already living on the economic edge.

Evicted was at the National Building Museum April 14, 2018–May 19, 2019. The touring exhibition has been redesigned for smaller venues and will be updated to include current data. MATTER and mgmt. will also design the traveling version. Specially commissioned media pieces created by Unfurl Productions will also accompany the traveling exhibition. In addition, each venue has the opportunity to schedule programs and events surrounding the exhibition that may emphasize their local connections to the topic.


This project was funded by a grant provided by: