Building Zone


The Building Zone. Photo by Kevin Allen.
The Building Zone. Photo by Kevin Allen.

Looking Ahead

Although the Building Zone is closed, the Museum offers programs and activities for families with early learners. View the Museum calendar or family page or sign up to join the Museum’s email list.

About the Building Zone

The Building Zone was a hands-on introduction to the building arts designed especially for some of the Museum’s youngest visitors, ages 2-6. In this exploratory gallery, children could build a tower or LEGO wall, curl up with an architecture picture book, and play pretend with construction play trucks.

Just as a building’s foundation lays the groundwork for a structure, child-initiated play lays a foundation for learning. Through imaginative play, children learn to interact with others, recognize and solve problems, and gain confidence. Play helps children make sense of their physical and social worlds and their place within them.


The National Building Museum gratefully acknowledges The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation for its support of the Building Zone.