Brick City

Brick City

On view through spring 2025

Brick City celebrates iconic architecture from cities around the world through carefully recreated constructions made from LEGO® bricks by U.K.-based artist Warren Elsmore. Visitors will take a world tour discovering new destinations across all seven continents that include: lively streetscapes from Cartagena, Colombia; Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans; intricate temples from India to Mexico; and imaginative castles from medieval Japan to modern Las Vegas.

The exhibition offers a chance to discover new buildings as well as some more recognizable icons—spotting surprising common ground between buildings thousands of years and miles apart, such as the Roman Colosseum and the 2012 Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. The magnificent centerpiece of the exhibition is London’s St. Pancras Station, measuring 12-feet-long and built from over 180,000 standard LEGO® bricks.

Builders young and old can channel their creativity in an interactive area where they can build their own masterpieces out of LEGO® bricks. An expansive “graffiti wall” will provide a canvas to create pixelated art using the toy bricks, while building areas will prompt visitors of all ages to build imaginative cities of their own.

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