Washington National Cathedral Collection

Gift of Washington National CATHEDRAL

Donated in 2015

The Washington National Cathedral Construction Archives consist of more than 32,000 historic architectural drawings related to the design and construction of the Cathedral and other historic buildings on its 57-acre campus in Northwest Washington. The collection dates from 1896 to 2007 and includes drawings of the Saint Albans School for Boys, the National Cathedral School for Girls, Beauvoir Elementary School, the Cathedral College, the Cathedral Library, the Deanery, and Olmsted Woods.

The collection is comprised of sketches on trace paper, correspondence with contractors and craftsmen, iterative renderings, design cartoons, and construction drawings for woodwork, ironwork, stone carving and stained glass featuring the contributions of the many prominent architects and landscape architects who worked on the Cathedral: Ernest Flagg, Bodley & Vaughn, Frohman Robb & Little, Philip Hubert Frohman, Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., Trevillian Architects, and Segretti Tepper.

The gift also includes the Philip Hubert Frohman Architectural Drawings Collection, which encompasses other projects around the country designed by the Cathedral’s principal architect, Philip Hubert Frohman.

The Washington National Cathedral Collection is still being processed but select drawings can be viewed and researched on our Online Collections Database. Please stop by often as we continue to update and add records.