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The Building Zone

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Build with giant Legos in the Building Zone.
Build with giant Legos in the Building Zone.
© Peter Cutts

Central to the Museum’s commitment to families is our goal provide daily offering of appropriate learning opportunities for families. The Building Zone is a key component of the Museum’s dedication to provide families with daily offerings.

Designed especially for children ages two to six, and their adult companions, The Building Zone opened in April 2006 and has been visited by more than 47,000 visitors. The Building Zone introduces children to the building arts through engaging activities focused around imaginative play. Children have the opportunity to construct, design, build and explore including:

  • read architecture and construction related picture books
  • play with bulldozers and other construction play trucks
  • pretend to be a craftsperson complete with hard hats, gloves, goggles, and tool belts.
  • explore a life-sized, green-build playhouse donated by HomeAid and built by Pardee Homes.
Detail of the Building Zone’s mural designed and painted by artist Sarah L. Smith.
Detail of the Building Zone’s mural designed and painted by artist Sarah L. Smith.
© F.T. Eyre

Just as a building’s foundation lays the groundwork for a structure, child-initiated play lays a foundation for learning. Through imaginative play, children learn to interact with others, to recognize and solve problems, and to gain confidence. Play helps children make sense of their place within the physical and social world.


Touted by the Washington Post as one of D.C.’s “Best Bets” for parents and children, the Museum has experienced a steady increase in the number of families attending its programs and events. Here’s what visitors have to say about their experience at the Building Zone: 
 “A wonderful visit. Entertaining and instructive for our son, and enjoyable for the whole family.”
—Maxmillian Kincaid Lindenburg



“This is the Best part of the museum.  My kids had a great time and so did we. Please keep this!”

To sponsor the Building Zone, please contact the National Building Museum's Development Office at 202.272.2448.

Download sponsorship information in PDF format.