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House & Home Sponsorship

Sponsorship Opportunity

A child's drawing of home

In April 2012, the National Building Museum will open the most comprehensive exhibition ever presented on the history of the American home. House & Home will tell the story of this nation’s diverse culture and identity, as well as the rich history of the real estate and building industries.


In a 7,000-square-foot presentation, the exhibition will:

  • Explore the history of the American home and its expression of our cultural and personal identities;

  • Present the evolution of architectural styles, from the adobe house and Monticello to the suburban single family home and apartment buildings;

  • Examine the technology behind 400 years of home building; and

  • Investigate the real estate, home building and financial industries that have supported increasing levels of home ownership.

To learn more, please contact Kate Haw, Vice President for Development, at 202.272.2448, ext. 3907, or via email at khaw@nbm.org


Download an information sponsorship sheet about House & Home

Download the House & Home exhibition prospectus.