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Sponsorship Opportunities

See why corporate sponsorship today is more compelling than ever before.

Arts attendees and patrons agree that corporate sponsorship of the arts makes them more receptive to that sponsor's messaging, according to a 2011 report. Sponsoring the National Building Museum’s exhibitions and education programs is an effective marketing and business development tool for reaching a target audience of professionals in the built environment, policy makers, students, families, and more.

The Museum’s exhibitions and design-based education programs provide students, families, and visitors the opportunity to better understand the built world around them and their role in its future. Our dynamic exhibitions encourage thoughtful consideration of timely themes such as the greening of our nation's schools or the varied and interconnected meanings of "house" and "home." Our award-winning educational programs for students not only teach design, urban planning, and engineering, but they also challenge participants to learn creativity, teamwork, and confidence—all skills that business leaders seek in a 21st century workforce.

Current sponsorship opportunities include the below highlights. For more information about a specific opportunity, or a broader overview of the Museum’s corporate social responsibility program, please contact sponsorship@nbm.org or 202.272.2448.

The BIG Maze from above.
Rendering courtesy of BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group

The BIG Maze

Opening summer 2014

The Museum, in partnership with BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, will create a never-before-seen large-scale maze for the Museum's historic home. Soaring 18 feet high and measuring 61 feet by 61 feet, the Baltic birch plywood structure will boast a series of twists and turns for visitors to weave through and explore. The "BIG Maze" will be open July 4 to September 1, 2014.






Beach & Howe, Canada
Photo courtesy of the Bjarke Ingels Group


Opening fall 2014

amBIGuity will explore the architectural design process through the work of the dynamic Danish firm, the Bjarke Ingels Group. A celebration of the global reach of Danish design, the exhibition will run fall 2014 through spring 2015 and is expected to attract 50,000 visitors from the region and nationwide, including adults, young professionals, teens, and families. amBIGuity will provide a provocative glimpse behind the scenes of the firm's New York and Copenhagen offices. The exhibition will present BIG's thought process—from the first sketch to the completed building—revealing their unorthodox approach, methods, and processes.




Students construct a model in the Design Apprenticeship Program.
Photo by National Building Museum staff

Teen Outreach Programs


The Museum’s award-winning teen outreach programsCityVision, Design Apprenticeship Program, and Investigating Where We Live—are intense, focused opportunities for young people ages 11 to 18 to receive training on topics related to the building arts. By focusing on District neighborhoods, these programs give D.C. metropolitan area youth opportunities to address issues in urban design and planning relevant to their lives and communities. Our programs reach a diverse group of students from a range of socio-economic backgrounds and are offered entirely free of charge to participants. Many participants have gone on to study or pursue a career in architecture, design, engineering, and other related fields as a result of their experiences in the Museum’s outreach programs.




For more information on a specific opportunity, or a broader overview of the Museum’s corporate social responsibility program, please contact sponsorship@nbm.org or 202.272.2448.


The National Building Museum is a nonprofit organization certified 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service. Contributions are tax-deductible to the maximum allowable extent of the law. The Museum's tax identification number is 52-1050999. To obtain a copy of the organization's most recent audited financial statement or other financial information, please call 202.272.2448.