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"Math is Hard for Girls"

Alice H., Cornerstone Society Member
Alice H., Cornerstone Society Member

That's what Alice H. was told as a teenager nearly six decades ago when she expressed an interest in becoming an architect or engineer, and that myth helped push her toward another career. So Alice sought to satisfy her curiosity and enthusiasm about the building arts elsewhere, developing a lifelong passion that ultimately led her to become a volunteer, docent, member, and patron at the National Building Museum. 

Today, the Museum shares the wonders of building with generations of boys—and girls—who want to shape the world in which we live, play, and work. And Alice is playing a vital role in enabling their childhood dreams to become a reality.

As a founding member of the Museum's Cornerstone Society, which recognizes those who have included the Museum in their estate plans, Alice is ensuring that her legacy will help advance the Museum's mission and power the dreams of the built environment's future stewards.

If you value the Museum's unique role as America's leading cultural organization dedicated to inspiring people like Alice by telling the stories of how architecture, engineering, and design impact our lives, help us share that vision with future generations and become a member of the Cornerstone Society today.