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Student Group Exhibition Visits

There are three ways to visit the Museum's exhibitions with your students:

1. Attend a school program and visit the exhibitions for FREE on the same day as your program. Each school program fee includes complimentary exhibition access for up to 30 students and 8 adults. Additional adults are $5 each. When registering for a school program, indicate whether you would like to visit the exhibitions before or after your program.

2. Request discounted group visit tickets in advance. When requesting a group visit, you may also arrange for a docent-led tour for your group.

3. Purchase tickets at the door.

Student Group Exhibition Pre-Visit Information and Policies

If you are also attending a school program, please review the school program pre-visit information and policies in addition to the information below.

Chaperone Requirements
One adult must accompany each group of ten children into the exhibitions. Please create small groups of students with an assigned chaperone and encourage those small groups to stay together while in the Museum.

Visits are Self-Guided
Unless you have also scheduled a docent-led tour,  no tour guide will meet your group or guide you through the exhibitions or on a tour of the Museum's building.

Before Your Arrival
Orient your group to the content and locations of the Museum's exhibitions. Many teachers like to create scavenger hunts or to give students drawing or writing assignments while in the exhibitions. If you would like ideas for exhibition activities, you are welcome to contact the School & Youth Groups team at 202.272.2448 or via email.

Exhibition Rules
Please share these important rules with your group before you enter the Museum's galleries. Except where noted, these rules do not apply to the Museum's Great Hall.

  • No food, drink, plants, or real flowers are allowed.
  • No pens. Pencils are allowed.
  • No cell phone use.
  • No photography. Photography is allowed throughout specific exhibitions, the Building Zone, and the Great Hall.
  • Backpacks must be carried by hand or placed on the chest.
  • Strollers must remain outside of the galleries.
  • No touching, except where noted.
  • No running in the exhibitions or in the Great Hall.

Collecting Wristbands (Tickets) and Entering the Exhibitions

1.  Bring a paper or electronic copy of all Museum-issued paperwork to the Museum with you. This might include a visit confirmation email and/or a receipt.

2.  Seat the students and chaperones in the Museum's Great Hall, and have the teacher in charge check in at the Museum's Admissions Desk, usually located in the center of the Great Hall.

3.  Show the Ticket Sales Representative your paperwork and give them an updated count of the total number of children and adults in your group. Every person 3 years old and up who enters the exhibitions must have a wristband.

4.  If you arrive with more students or adults than you originally scheduled, let the Ticket Sales Representative know of your updated number. At that time, you may purchase tickets for the additional group members.

5.  If you are also interested in visiting The Building Zone exhibition, you may request a 45-minute time slot when checking in. Building Zone times are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

6.  Place the wristbands on the wrists of all group members entering the exhibitions.

Polices are subject to change.