February 2017

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Grades 2—4 School Groups

Choose one or more of these options for visiting the Museum. 

 Green Schools

City by Design
(2 hours, $100 fee, guided, includes complimentary exhibition tickets)
Students become city planners by planning, then constructing an imaginary city. Guided by a museum educator students begin to see connections between school curriculum and community issues. 

 Students learn to draw like an architect

Architecture 101
(2 hours, $100 fee, educator guided, includes complimentary exhibition tickets)
Students become architects and practice the skills architects use every day: drawing, model-making and communication.

 Arches and Trusses Discovery Cart Discovery Cart: Arches and Trusses
(30-45 minutes, $35 fee, docent guided) Discover how building forces, materials, and structures affect strength and longevity. Participants test different building materials and work together to build an arch. Register.

Discovery Cart: Bridging the Gap
(30-45 minutes, $35 fee, docent guided) During this interactive demonstration, participants learn about basic forces that impact structures, the five different types of bridges and their advantages and disadvantages, and how bridges are applied in real world situations. Register.

Exhibition Tour

Exhibition Tour
(45 minutes-1 hour, $35 fee and $5 per person fee for admission, guided)
Explore one of the Museum's noteworthy exhibitions with a trained docent. Available exhibitions subject to change.

Group Tours Historic Building Tour
(45 minutes-1 hour, $35 fee, guided)
Learn the history of the National Building Museum's historic home, the former Pension Building.
 Students in Exhibition

Self-Guided Exhibition Visit
($5 per person fee, self-guided)
Group rates are available for groups of ten people or more by making a reservation. The group fee includes admission to the Museum's exhibitions. Register.

PLAY WORK BUILD thumbnail PLAY WORK BUILD (Time Restricted Exhibition)
(access included in general museum admission)
For groups interested in this interactive exhibition, please indicate this during the reservation process. Each reserved slot is 1 hour long.