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Curriculum Kits

Curriculum Kits, created by the Museum and field-tested by numerous classroom teachers, provide all of the resources and materials needed to teach multi-lesson units on the built environment in your own classroom.

Designing for Disaster (Grades 7-9) 

Designing for Disaster teaches students about the tools design professionals employ to limit the impact of natural disasters on structures, communities, and people. Students are introduced to the consequences of natural disasters and are then tasked with identifying ways to protect against these hazards.
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Green Community Teaching Kit (Grades 5-8)

The Green Community Teaching Kit provides a comprehensive approach to studying green communities and culminates in the creation of a model green community, Greenville. Using the design process, the included curriculum plan empowers students and their educators to build a town from scratch, complete with model buildings and land use zones, all while incorporating knowledge gained through researching existing Great Green Communities and Great Green Buildings.
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Bridge Basics Program Kit (Grades 5-9)

Bridge Basics uses bridge engineering and design as vehicles for exploring and solving problems. Students learn about fundamental structural engineering concepts and five basic types of bridges. They design, construct, and test model bridges using playing cards and other materials. Using the kit, educators lead students in becoming engineers and working in teams to build model bridges that solve transportation problems while balancing issues of aesthetics, geography, materials, and cost.
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In the Museum Shop

Other innovative teaching aids are also available in the Museum Shop. Proceeds help support education programs. Teachers and museum members deduct 10%. To request a list of resources or information on bulk orders and quantity discounts, or for more information, contact the Museum Shop at 202.272.7706.


The Designing for Disaster Teaching Kits are generously supported by the United Engineering Foundation.

Bridge Basics was developed with support from the Construction Industry Round Table.

The Green Community Teaching Kit is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment of the Arts.