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 River Park

NAME: River Park
LOCATION: 1301 Delaware Avenue, SW (Metro: Waterfront-SEU, Green Line)
ARCHITECTS: Charles M. Goodman Associates

  • Innovation in building materials: The project was commissioned by the Reynolds Aluminum Service Corporation to demonstrate the potential for innovative architectural applications of aluminum products.
  • High-quality urban renewal: Unlike many post-war urban renewal projects across the country, River Park is an urbane and architecturally engaging complex that has successfully attracted a diverse mix of residents.
  • Reinterpretation of historical typologies: The row house units in River Park, while boldly modern in their forms, layouts, and details, hark back to traditional Washington row houses in the rhythm of their façades, their proportions, and their relationship to the street.
 Euram Building  

NAME: Euram Building
LOCATION: 21 Dupont Circle, NW (Metro: Dupont Circle, Red Line)
ARCHITECTS: Hartman-Cox Associates

  • Structural expression: The basic structural system of the building is expressed in its architectural composition, featuring solid, brick piers at the corners with bridge-like, concrete slabs spanning between them.
  • Semi-public courtyard: The tall, narrow courtyard blurs the distinction between interior and exterior, and when its gates are open, draws passerbys into the property.
  • Flexible, naturally-lit interior space: The structural system allows for open, column-free office space with large expanses of glass on two sides.
Finnish Embassy

NAME: Embassy of Finland
LOCATION: 3301 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
ARCHITECTS: Heikkinen-Komonen Architects
ASSOCIATE ARCHITECTS: Angelos Demetriou & Associates

  • Reflection of Finnish culture: The building reflects contemporary Finnish architectural culture in its use of sleek materials, its informally composed facades and plans, and the openness of its public spaces.
  • Integration of building and nature: The front façade is covered in dense foliage; windows are placed so as to frame views from the inside to the landscape; a “pier” extends into the forest at the rear, allowing embassy workers and visitors to experience the natural setting directly.
  • Emphasis on high-quality workspaces: Individual offices allow a great deal of privacy, while windows between the offices and corridors encourage visual communication among staff; offices feature abundant natural light and ergonomically-efficient furnishings.


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