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Art Deco Architecture Tour


Courtesy of Anthony T. Nigrelli on flickr.com.

NAME: Kennedy-Warren Apartments
LOCATION: 3133 Connecticut Avenue, NW (Metro: Cleveland Park, Red Line)
ARCHITECT: Joseph Younger (1931), Alexander Sonnemann based on Younger’s plan (1933); Hartman-Cox Architects (2004 addition and restoration)
COMPLETED: 1931, with an addition in 1933, and an addition and restoration 2004

  • Striking Art Deco design with a bold, sculpted towering silhoutte typical of many Art Deco compositions in architecture.
  • An elegance and temperate character reveal a debt to classicism.
  • Its low relief sculpture, from stylized exterior motifs to a paraphrasing of the Panathenaic frieze of the Athenian Parthenon on the interior, exemplify the eclecticism of the Art Deco movement.


Courtesy of cliff1066 on flickr.com.
NAME: Federal Reserve Building (Marriner S. Eccles Building)
LOCATION: 20th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW (Metro: Foggy Bottom, Blue and Orange Lines)
ARCHITECT: Paul Philippe Cret

  • Shows how official Washington embraced a modern classicism, expressing an appropriate conservatism and beauty, and capitalizing upon the inherent power of a restrained, stoic “Greco-Deco” design without falling into the confines of historicism.

Courtesy of Mark Susina on flickr.com.
NAME: Old Greyhound Bus Station
LOCATION: 1100 New York Avenue, NW (Metro: Metro Center, Red, Blue, and Orange Lines)
ARCHITECTS: William S. Arrasmith/ Wischmeyer, Arrasmith & Elswick(1940); Vitetta Group (1991 Restoration); Florence Eichbaum Esocoff King Architects (OPIC Building)
COMPLETED: 1940; Restoration in 1991
  • An exciting, exuberant and energetic design, and an excellent example of the Streamlined Moderne.
  • With its curving forms and strong horizontal directional force, it expresses movement itself, which is one of the key influences upon and defining concepts of this style.

Learn more during the Three Movements in Architecture: Art Deco program on Saturday, July 25 at 1:00 pm.  

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