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Ghost Tours

While prepping for a filmed interview about the National Building Museum collection, a Museum staff member seemed to disappear into thin air. Hank Griffith, chief preparator, was being interviewed about the institution’s collection of artifacts dating back to the historic building’s origins, when he was suddenly interrupted by a terrifying, booming sound. Thefilm crew observed Griffith exit the room to investigate when they heard a bloodcurdling shriek. Rosie Grant, digital marketing associate, and the rest of the crew ran to Griffith’s aid only to see he’d disappeared.

The camera was rolling during this incident, although what exactly happened to Griffth occurred off screen. Griffith, Grant, and the crew returned to work the next day with no memory of the event, even after viewing the raw footage.

The Museum has posted the unedited footage with the hopes that by crowdsourcing, we may determine further clues as to what exactly occurred.

Footage found in the Museum Collections.

Experience the dark side of the National Building Museum 

Ghost tours at the National Building Museum combine history, humor, and several hair-raising tales into a fun evening. Constructed between 1882 and 1887, the Museum’s historic home was formerly the Pension Building and was frequently visited by war veterans. The National Building Museum collection houses many artifacts related to the building—plans, drawings, and tools—as well as some objects that defy easy explanation, including a collection of shoes found underneath the foundation, believed to have been buried to ward off evil spirits, and a plaster mask, thought to be a death mask dated from the late 1800s. Our building is spectacular, and eerie, with the lights out.  Ghost tours are recommended for ages 10 and up.

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2016 Ghost Tour Dates:

September 24

8:15 pm9:30 pm

October 1

8 pm | 9 pm

October 23

8 pm | 9 pm

October 29

8 pm | 9 pm

October 31

8 pm | 9 pm