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Women of Architecture

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Annabelle Selldorf: Architecture and Context

In partnership with the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, the Museum holds an annual lecture program on the topic of Women of Architecture in conjunction with Women’s History Month. The goal of the Women of Architecture Series is to recognize and celebrate the professional and personal accomplishments of women in the field of architecture. Previous lectures, featuring women architects, professors, and architecture school deans have covered questions such as:

  • What is involved in recovering the lost histories of 20th-century architecture?
  • What criteria can architects and historians adopt that will more equitably evaluate architecture?
  • How can women architects create and preserve their own legacies?
  • Women's leadership—does it make a difference in architecture?
  • What are the opportunities and responsibilities that come with positions of power in architectural education?


The Women of Architecture series at the National Building Museum, presented in collaboration with the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation to celebrate Women's History Month.