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Self-Guided Architecture Tours

On the National Building Museum's members-only "Building Tours," members get a behind-the-scenes tour of buildings in the area.
Courtesy SGA Companies, Inc.

In addition to its distinctive and popular Construction Watch Tours, the National Building Museum conducts Building Tours of completed projects. A hallmark of the Museum's programming since its beginning, these tours provide Museum members an up-close opportunity to visit many of Washington's fascinating building projects—from bridges and embassies to museums and condominiums.   

Usually offered once a month, Building Tours normally last between two and three hours. Each tour is limited to approximately 35 Museum members. Few institutions in the U.S. offer such a regular and varied array of construction tours.  Often, the projects visited aren't available to the public even after they are completed. Because the tours are led by developers, architects, and contractors, they offer direct access to key figures who are shaping our built environment.

Like Construction Watch Tours, Building Tours highlight special construction methods and innovative technologies used in the building process. Some tours have focused on green building strategies, while others have examined preservation projects of historic buildings.  

Building Tours are open only to Museum members. Tickets cost $35 each. Members of The Corinthians and The Builders receive advance registration, typically one week in advance of registration for general members. Want to join us on a Building Tour? Join or upgrade your membership today!