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Continuing Education Credits


The National Building Museum is a registered provider of continuing education credit for the American Institute of Architects, American Society of Landscape Architects, American Institute of Certified Planners, and U.S. Green Building Council and follows the guidelines of these organizations when issuing credit. Please note that for every program where credit may be earned there is a Continuing Education Table set up where documentation may be obtained. It is the responsibility of the professional to visit this table at the program to receive proper credit. Documentation of earned continuing education credit may be obtained after the program by calling the Public Programs Coordinator at 202.272.2448.  


American Institute of Architects

AIA Continuing Education LogoAIA architect members are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education per year for membership renewal. In 2009 this requirement affected approximately 55,768 AIA architect members. In addition, as of January 1, 2009, the AIA implemented a new continuing education requirement that states that members must take 4 hours of coursework per year on sustainable design topics as outlined below.

AIA Members must complete 18 total hours per year:

  • 10 Hours of coursework may be on a wide range of general course topics of the member’s choosing (may include Health, Safety, and Welfare [HSW] or Sustainable Design [SD] topics)
  • 08 Hours of coursework must be in (HSW) topics and 04 of the 08 hours of HSW must also be on Sustainable Design (SD) topics

Please note that AIA continuing education requirements in many cases differ from the state mandatory continuing education requirements. For instance, the AIA accepts coursework on general course topics, but many states only accept coursework related to Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW). 

For more information visit the AIA continuing education site.

AIA Continuing Education & NCARB’s Intern Development Program (IDP)

Interns may earn IDP supplemental experience hours by completing approved AIA continuing education courses. One AIA LU is equal to one IDP supplemental experience hour. When submitting to NCARB, Learning Units must be documented on the intern’s AIA transcript. Any intern in IDP can request a free AIA transcript on the web page www.aia.org/freeTranscriptsforInterns.


American Institute of Certified Planners

AICP blackOn January 1, 2008, it became required for all professional planners who are members of APA's professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), to engage in mandatory continuing education. AICP members must earn a total of 32 Certification Maintenance (CM) credits every two years to maintain their AICP credential.

AICP members must earn a total of 32 CM credits (1 hour = 1 CM credit) within their two-year reporting period. AICP members may report credits for activities that were registered since April 14, 2007 and will have a four month-grace period beyond their reporting period to complete the CM requirement.

A minimum of 1.5 credits must be on the topic of ethics, and another 1.5 credits must be on the topic of current planning law. AICP members can carry over a maximum of 16 credits from one reporting period into the subsequent reporting period; however, ethics and planning law credits cannot be carried over to the next two-year reporting period. AICP members who do not meet CM requirements within four years will lose AICP certification and will be obliged to seek recertification in order to regain the AICP credential.

For more information visit the AICP continuing education web site.


American Society of Landscape Architects

ASLA Continuing EducationThe Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System is a collaboration of the American Society of Landscape Architects, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board, and Landscape Architecture Foundation.

LA CES establishes, maintains, and enforces standards for evaluating professional development and continuing education programs for landscape architects.

For more information visit the ASLA continuing education web site.


Questions? Contact programs@nbm.org or call 202.272.2448, ext. 3555