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Adult Programs

Adult Programs

200th Birthday Celebration of Montgomery Meigs

Montgomery C. Meigs, architect of the National Building Museum’s historic home and quartermaster for the Union during the Civil War turns 200 on May 3. We’re honoring him with a trivia tribute, week of themed building tours, and a special birthday party.
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Tour: Woodridge Public Library

May 14, 2016

Wiencek + Associates, in partnership with Bing Thom Architects, created a new community library and learning space for the Woodridge neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Talk & Book Signing: A Burglar's Guide to the City

May 18, 2016

Discover the “criminal possibilities” of architecture and the city with Geoff Manaugh, author of A Burglar’s Guide to the City. Manaugh is joined by Ross Andersen of The Atlantic.


Local Glories: Opera Houses on Main Street, Where Art and Community Meet

June 11, 2016

A talk followed on the book Local Glories: Opera Houses on Main Street, Where Art and Community Meet by author Ann Satterthwaite.

Talk: Art Lives Here

June 1, 2016

How does an established creative community respond to place-changing investment? Project director Anne L’Ecuyer tells their story focusing on the creative leadership, inventive visibility strategies, and ongoing effort required to welcome new investment and prevent cultural and economic displacement as a creative neighborhood grows.


Spotlight on Design: BIGSpotlight on Design

The Museum's premiere series features architects, designers, and landscape architects of distinction from around the world. Find upcoming programs and a video archive.


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