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By the Way: Designing Views of the Natural Landscape

Audio from the National Building Museum

Presented By: Brad Cownover, Tommie Wilhemsen, Henning Kaland, and G. Martin Moeller, Jr. (moderator)
Date Recorded: March 30, 2009
Duration: 01:30:07

Norwegian architects Henning Kaland, partner, Code: architecture, and Tommie Wilhemsen, head of his own firm, discuss their designs for Norway’s National Tourist Route. Brad Cownover, ASLA, of Scenic America, joins them to discuss the history and current state of scenic byways in the U.S. and Europe. Martin Moeller, senior vice president and curator at the Museum, moderates.

View Tommie Wilhemsen's PowerPoint presentation from this lecture.
View Henning Kaland's PowerPoint presentation from this lecture.
View Brad Cownover's PowerPoint presentation from this lecture.

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