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"The Space-Time-Money Continuum"

by National Building Museum curator Susan Piedmont-Palladino

Well, that was easy. Get rid of a car and pocket eight grand. Feel better? If only it were that simple.

It doesn’t work that way, of course, because none of us is a statistic. We are each entangled in our own complex circumstances, taking exception to every generalization. Besides, you’re not just going to curl up and stay at home once you’ve shed a car. You still have to get around, so some of that money is going to go to bus, subway, moped, bike, bike-sharing, car-sharing, roller blades, taxis, new shoes, and outerwear...

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Zia Khan on The City

Zia Khan, vice president for strategy and evaluation for The Rockefeller Foundation, discusses what makes cities intelligent.

What's the smartest thing your city does?

We want to hear from you! Each month we feature a new video question. Please record a response and upload it to our Youtube channel. This month, Intelligent Cities delegate Bonnie Shaw asks about the most intelligent things your cities does.

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