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Multimedia & DIY Downloads


Looking for some fun and exciting activities to try at home? The National Building Museum is pleased to offer multimedia and downloadable DIY activities that are guaranteed fun for the whole family!


Kid Reporter: Jeffrey S. Abramson

March 2, 2012
In this installment of the National Building Museum's "Kid Reporter" series, veteran reporter Henry Bellew interviews Museum trustee Jeffrey S. Abramson.


Kid Reporter: Grace & Chase

August 2, 2011
For our "Kid Reporter" series, Grace Hammond interviewed the National Building Museum's executive director, Chase Rynd, about the building's history and his take on running a museum.


CityVision Fall 2009 Final Presentation

January 8, 2010
During the fall 2009 CityVision semester, twenty-four students from Browne Education Campus and Lincoln Middle School at Columbia Heights Education Campus planned their designs for a Visitors’ Center to the White House. In collaboration with the National Capital Planning Commission, the National Building Museum challenged three teams to explore their sites, interview tourists and government officials, and think creatively about design. On January 8th, the students explained their creative process and how their designs improve the experience of visitors to the White House.

Through design basics and extensive fieldwork, CityVision instills in students that they can mold the world around them and enact positive change in their lives and the lives of others through good design. As students explore building sites, brainstorm solutions and accomplish projects together, they learn the importance of teamwork, problem solving and advocacy skills.



How to Make a Green Roof

December 18, 2009
Learn how to make your very own green roof using materials you have at home. A fun, educational activity the whole family will enjoy!


Investigating Where We Live Summer 2008

August 1, 2008
Investigating Where We Live (IWWL) is a summer program in which students interpret Washington, D.C. neighborhoods through photography and creative writing. Each summer, approximately 30 students explore neighborhoods and develop an exhibition to be on view at the Museum.

For four weeks in the Summer of 2008, students from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area used digital cameras to explore, document, and interpret the built environment in three D.C. neighborhoods: Brookland, Deanwood, and Stanton Park.



David Macaulay at The Big Draw

June 23, 2007
David Macaulay leads Museum visitors in sketching exercises for fun and as a new way of seeing and responding to their surroundings during the 2007 Big Draw event.



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