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10 Ways to Build in the Snow

Playing in the snow can be a great way to explore your construction and design skills as a family. To help get the fun started, the National Building Museum offers 10 ways to make winter storms more fun than frantic!

snow castle
The world's largest snow castle in Kemi, Finland
1. Build a snow castle. The world’s greatest snow castle was built in Kemi, Finland and measured about 55 feet high and 3300 feet wide. Your beach toys from the summer may come in handy when building your snow castle.

2. Make an igloo. Igloos are shelters built from snow and are generally a dome shape. Try using a loaf pan to help shape the bricks.

3. Make a snow man. All you need are three well packed snow balls—all different sizes—a carrot for the nose, multicolored pasta or jellybeans for the eyes and mouth, and sticks for the arms.

4. When deciding what to build consider how firm the snow is. Snow that is not freshly fallen is more firm and better for complex construction.

5. Try making a snow sculpture once the snow is dense and contains a bit of ice.

Snow Kids
6. Have a snowball fight and build a snow fort for protection.

7. Take photographs of the snow and study the snowflakes like William Bentley, who discovered that no two snowflakes are a like, once did.

8. Write and draw pictures in the snow with a stick, rake, or shovel. Create a new pattern!

9. Color your snow! Become a snow designer and add a little food coloring to your snow design.

10. Bundle up

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