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Mini Golf Designs

Mini Golf is now closed. Be sure to check out the 2014 Summer Block Party offerings, including the BIG Maze.

Check out the creative holes our 2013 Mini Golf sponsors designed with the theme "Building the Future" in mind.

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Capitol Riverfront BID/The Yards

Capitol RiverGreen

Sponsors: Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District and The Yards; Designer: Shalom Baranes Associates; Builder: Winmar Construction; Additional Contributors: ABC Imaging, Forest City Washington, Herip Associates, Interface Multimedia, and Ken Foran

In this hole, "Capitol RiverGreen," vertical image panels rise up like buildings in the Capitol Riverfront and Yards neighborhood. Stroll around the golf hole to see the vision come together in this rapidly developing part of Washington, D.C., located between the U.S. Capitol and the Anacostia River. Putt your ball along M Street SE, or try for a hole-in-one over the Yards Park sculptural pedestrian bridge. Crowds will cheer when you make it to home plate in the ballpark.



Sponsor: IEEE-USA; Designer: Inscape Publico; Builder: Glass Construction

Our golf hole, “outSMART the GRID,” reflects the modernization of the electricity delivery system. By applying modern computer, control, and communications technologies to the electric grid, engineers are improving utility operations and providing customers with valuable information. By striking the ball, you generate power and simulate the flow of electricity. Once the ball reaches the hole, the lights represent feedback about your energy use. Do you think you can “outSMART the GRID?”

Linder & Associates Event Architects

Ledoux for Two

Sponsor: Linder & Associates Event Architects; Designer and Builder: District Design

Called "Ledoux for Two," our hole refers to the utopian lineage of the sphere. Spheres consistently appear in historical and contemporary projects that explore the outer limits of modernity and utopianism, such as in the work of the French neoclassist Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736–1806), whose dramatic proposals seem structurally and conceptually modern today. By enabling two players to race to the hole, this design explores the inherent “un-sidedness” of a sphere, while also speeding along the line for subsequent mini golf holes!

STUDIOS Architecture

FOREward Thinking

Sponsor, Designer, and Builder: STUDIOS Architecture; Additional contributors: Interface, Alliance Lighting, and 3form

This hole, "FOREward Thinking," represents just one of many ways we can build the future with the limited resources we have—by being smart and agile, revitalizing old buildings with new energy.

Wiencek + Associates Architects + Planners

Malleable Green

Sponsor and Designer: Wiencek + Associates Architects + Planners; Builder: Hamel Builders

In a very simple form, "Malleable Green" represents our future—our changing environment and the challenges it presents. Malleable means "to have a capacity for adaptive change"—indeed, the future is all about change, evolution, and the ability to adapt. In the future, designers of our buildings and our cities will use data-driven metrics to focus on moving targets and conquer obstacles toward achieving sustainable goals in order to create more positive living environments.

The Vinyl Institute


Sponsor: The Vinyl Institute; Designers and Builders: Hixon Design Consultants and Parker Rodriguez

"MateriALIVE" is inspired by our idea of a living roof and is designed to look at the role materials play in building the future. The form of the hole shows that there are many ways to reach your goals, while our materials explore the texture and versatility of building products. Much like the lights in an arcade game that brighten when the ball reaches the pin, materiALIVE illuminates the ways that sustainability can be stylish, fun, and whimsical, helping buildings come ALIVE when architecture and landscape become one. 


The Evolution of the Office

Sponsors: American Society of Interior Designers and Teknion; Designer: Determined by Design; Builder: DAVIS Construction

Our hole looks at "The Evolution of the Office." The way we work has changed significantly over the years: for many, the days of being tethered to a desk in a cubicle are gone.  We’ve seen the evolution from old desk to personal computers, to laptops, to wireless technology. Today, people can be connected all day long with smart phone devices and tablets without needing to step foot into the office. Now that work is no longer confined to office, the sky (or the local park bench) is the limit.


Tomorrow's Water

Sponsor: American Society of Landscape Architects; Designer and Builder: Jason Granado, lead, with Jaeeun Cho, Brian Green, James Hanger, and John Whilden of the Virginia Tech Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center

"Tomorrow's Water" takes on the waterways of the future. A watershed is an area of land where water collects and flows into a stream, a river, a lake, or another large body of water. Whether it's the little rise that drains the rain off the front yard, or the valley that carries a river from the mountains down to the sea, watersheds are at work all around us. Landscape architects help control, absorb, filter, and clean runoff to improve the health of watersheds across the country, including D.C.’s Anacostia and Potomac Rivers.

Occasions Caterers

The 19th Crater

Sponsors: Atmosphere Lighting, Occasions Caterers, and Perfect Settings; Designer and Builder: Design Foundry

This hole, called "The 19th Crater," celebrates the idea of global expansion to the Moon. In the foreseeable future, regular space travel will become a reality and humans will live on the Moon just as we currently do on Earth. They’ll even be able to have parties and enjoy a round of golf or two! 

Bonstra Haresign Architects LLP

The Future's Looking Up!: Green Roofs as our New Urban Playgrounds

Sponsor and Designer: Bonstra | Haresign ARCHITECTS LLP; Builder: Monarc Construction; Additional Contributors: ABC Imaging and Interface

While golfing on "The Future's Looking Up," we hope that participants reflect on the importance of green roofs. Green space is a precious commodity, particularly in the midst of a dense, growing, urban setting like Washington, D.C. Among the many benefits of green roof spaces are: creating landscapes for recreational uses, providing local produce through urban farming, and even establishing habitats for dwindling bee and avian populations. This movement also helps to beautify views of a mostly low-lying D.C. skyline.

Clark Construction Group, LLC

The Job Site

Sponsor, Designer, and Builder: Clark Construction Group, LLC

"The Job Site" models the many obstacles encountered while navigating a construction site. Using our experience in building construction, we provide golfers with a realistic representation of the equipment, materials, and machinery commonly seen on a construction site during the site-work phase. You can navigate around the building structure in the center of the green, or try one of the shortcuts through the building. One pathway leads the ball astray while the other may result on a hole-in-one.

Evonik Cyro

Urban Pinball

Sponsor: Evonik Cyro; Designer: KUBE Architecture; Builders: Madden Corporation and Mersoa Woodwork & Design LLC

"Urban Pinball" explores uncertainty—after all, as the science fiction writer Ursula K. LeGuin noted, “the only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable, uncertainty: not knowing what comes next." Take aim and try to control your destiny—but you may end up in a place you never imagined. Travel through the time tunnels, and emerge in the unraveling future, where your path becomes complex and unpredictable. In many ways, life is just a game of chance—relax and enjoy the ride.

Hargrove, Inc.

Imagination Powers the Future

Sponsor, Designer, and Builder: Hargrove, Inc.

Our hole, "Imagination Powers the Future," is a celebration of kids and creativity. From imagination and daydreams, ideas are generated that grow, get developed, get built—and have the power to shape our future. Play is a source of positive power, just like renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. We hope you have fun, celebrate the power of imagination, and keep drawing and dreaming!

The JBG Companies

PARticipatory TERRAIN

Sponsor: The JBG Companies; Designer: Landscape Architecture Bureau; Builder: Harkins Builders

"PARticipitory Terrain" requires your golfing group to take a position on a specific issue. Before starting this hole, read the question on the screen and answer for your group by placing one of the rods between the two poles that represent 'assent' or 'dissent.' The resulting configuration, a spatial opinion-map, encourages you to engage with the issue of the day as you navigate the dynamic datascape. Building the future is a collaborative act.

Mount Vernon Triangle CID/Steuart Investment Co.

Mount Vernon Triangulation

Sponsors: Mount Vernon Triangle CID and Steuart Investment Co.; Designer: E/L Studio; Builder: Think Make Build, FLOR, and Independent Custom Metalworks

This course highlights Mount Vernon Triangle, an up-and-coming area within the District of Columbia. Triangulation, or determining a location by measuring angles from known points, is naturally derived from the intersections of Massachusetts Ave., New York Ave., and New Jersey Ave. The course lays flat at rest, but when the golfer stands on the platform to tee off through obstacles, the course is activated, and simple machines are revealed. This hole aims to not only map a D.C. neighborhood, but also to become a lesson in triangulation and angles.

Rippeteau Architects, PC

Capitol City Crops

Sponsor, Designer, and Builder: Rippeteau Architects, PC

"Capital City Crops" is a scene from the future. Washington, D.C. has become flooded by the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, which has also drowned the farms upon which the city relied for fresh produce. We built over the existing mall, raising terra firma for new urban farms. The Old City is now an historical exhibit below. Situated on the old ground level, iconic structures of Washington’s past are encapsulated and viewed from the new National Mall. On this golf hole you can either maneuver through the farm fields full of carrots and rutabagas or choose to soar through the garden apartments at a bird’s eye view of the Washington Monument.

SEI Architects


Sponsor, Designer, and Builder: Smolen Emr Ilkovitch Architects

"Homeroom" depicts the classroom of the future. After all, today’s classroom is where tomorrow’s future is built. What that future looks like depends on the knowledge we impart to other generations. It is here that the day begins and the ideas that shape our future are created.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP

Holograph Hole

Sponsor, Designer, and Builder: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP; Additional Sponsor: Zebra Imaging; Additional Builder: Students from the Catholic University School of Architecture

The design for "Holograph Hole" is inspired by state-of-the-art 3D applications that make sophisticated design concepts easily understandable. From hand rendering to computer generated graphics, architects’ design tools have evolved. New 3D imaging technology takes visualization a step further by creating virtual environments. This hole demonstrates how designers can use new technology to communicate ideas about urban design, architecture, and interior design.