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Tama Duffy Day

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Tama Duffy Day, FASID, FIIDA, LEED AP, BD+C is a director of Health and Wellness at Gensler, the leading global design and architecture firm driven by research. She a strategic leader who believes that research-driven design will transform environments into spaces that improve productivity, efficiency and innovation, and re-shape cultures.

With more than 30 years of experience formulating research and design initiatives, Tama has honed her integrated humanistic approach to leadership. She also practices generative space design, a research-based design method that makes both systemic and sustainable improvements in individual health, organizational effectiveness, and overall community well-being. Several of her projects have been featured in various top publications, including Interior Design magazine, Health Environments Research & Design Journal, and Contract magazine.

A frequent columnist, lecturer and spokesperson on the benefits of healing design, Tama is dedicated to raising awareness of the measurable effects of environments designed with health and wellness attributes, including spaces beyond typical healthcare environments, such as retail outlets, workplaces, and much more. She helped launch and taught a healthcare continuing education program with the New York University Real Estate Division in the 90’s. In 2011, she was instrumental in initiating the first degree-granting program in the U.S. that specializes in healthcare interior design offered by the New York School of Interior Design. She seeks to inspire and grow the next generation of leaders in all fields.

Tama was recently appointed to Interior Design’s Health Care and Wellness Advisory Council, a group of top industry leaders who advise interior design on innovation, standards, challenges, and design trends in the healthcare industry. She has been recognized for her innovative thinking, for leading numerous multi-phased, complex projects and has been elected to both the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and the American Society of Interior Design (ASID) prestigious College of Fellows. She also has been named several times as one of the “25 Most Influential People in Healthcare Design” by Healthcare Design magazine.

Tama’s continued contributions to health and wellness design research keep her on the forefront of emerging trends that benefit her clients and produce environments that are inspirational, effective and support health.  She can be reached at Tama_DuffyDay@Gensler.com or follow her on Twitter @TamaDuffyDay.

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