Staff & Contact


Chase W. Rynd, Hon. ASLA, Executive Director

Betsy May Salazar, Senior Vice President and COO

Tom Buck, Executive Assistant and Manager of Board Relations

Finance & Operations

Diane Beckham, Director of Finance

Laura Leonard, Accounting Manager

Trudy Scanlan, Controller

Rebecca Warwick, Director of Human Resources

Exhibitions & Collections

Cathy Crane Frankel, Vice President for Exhibitions and Collections

Nancy Bateman, Registrar

Caitlin Bristol, Curatorial Assistant

Chrysanthe B. BroikosCurator

Hank Griffith, Chief Preparator

Laura Hicken, Assistant Registrar

Sarah LeavittCurator

Zachary LevineDirector of Exhibitions & Collections

Chris Maclay, Master Carpenter

G. Martin Moeller, Jr., Senior Curator

Susan Piedmont-PalladinoCurator

Deborah Moore SorensenAssistant Curator


Laura Brower-Hagood, Vice President for Development

Mark Davis, Membership Manager

Tasha Ferguson, Deputy Vice President of Development

Jackie Goodwin, Development Operations & Events Coordinator

Gabriela Guerra, Development Officer

Jamie Sawyer, Director of Development Operations & Events

Sarah Schmid, Development Coordinator

Rachel Madewell, Senior Development Officer


Theresa Esterlund, Vice President for Education

Andrew Costanzo, Director of P-12 Programs

Sarah Cappo, Education Program Coordinator

Paul Killmer, Director of Public Programs

Patrick Kraich, Public Programs Coordinator

Karla Lopez, Education Office Assistant

Sarah Merianos, Family Programs Manager

Caitlin Miller, School Programs Manager

Allison Pagliaro, Program Coordinator

Annalee Shum, Program Coordinator

Lauren Wilson, Teen Programs Manager

Marketing & Communications

Brett Rodgers, Vice President for Marketing & Communications

Emma Filar, Marketing & Communications Manager

Rosemary Grant, Digital Marketing Associate

Vladimir Zabavskiy, Senior Graphic Designer

Leslie Chung, Graphic Designer

Special Events

Chris Frame, Special Events Director

John Bane, Special Events Manager

Visitor Services

Jamee Telford, Vice President for Visitor Services

Richard Brown, Museum Operations Coordinator

Stephanie Dabek, Tour & Volunteer Coordinator

Barry Edmunds, Visitor Services Manager

Russell Harris, Visitor Services Manager

Kristen Sheldon, Volunteer & Intern Manager

Museum Shop

Michael Higdon, Museum Shop Manager

Marcia Diehl, Museum Shop Operations Manager

Geronne Florus, Visual Merchandising Associate

Scott Glascoe, Inventory Specialist