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FAQs for Media

Photography & Filming 


 Background information:

Q: I am a journalist. Can I gain entry to the museum with my ID or press card?
A: The Musuem requires an admission fee for visiting our exhibitions. However, press personnel may contact the press office ahead of your visit so that we can arrange access to our exhibitions. An ID or press card will not be accepted by our admissions staff.

Q: As a member of the media, may I view exhibitions ahead of the public?
A: The National Building Museum regularly holds media previews before each exhibition opens to the public. Please join our press list or contact our press office.

Q: How do I schedule an interview for my feature article or broadcast story?
A: Please contact pressoffice@nbm.org.

Q: I am a journalist and want to come to your exhibitions’ opening night festivities.
A: Please contact pressoffice@nbm.org.

Q: How do I become an intern in the Museum’s press office?
A: The Museum strives to give interns meaningful, hands-on activities that lead to tangible results and accepts interns for the spring, fall, and summer semesters. Schedules can be flexibly arranged depending on the Museum's needs and the intern's schedule.


Photography and Filming

The National Building Museum permits still and video photography for noncommercial use only in the Museum’s Great Hall. No photography is allowed in the exhibition galleries, unless otherwise noted in gallery signage. For safety reasons, photographers using a tripod must remain with their camera and tripod at all times and not bring their tripod into the exhibition galleries. We get many inquiries about the feasibility of taking engagement and wedding photos in the Museum’s Great Hall. That is permitted as long as it does not disrupt Museum visitors or interfere with set-up for an event.

If you are a member of the press and would like permission to photograph or film in the Great Hall, please email pressoffice@nbm.org.

Independent filming and recording at the museum is considered on a case-by-case basis. There are several considerations we evaluate when giving permissions. Below are our guidelines:


  • The application and use of the film
  • The distribution of the materials and methods
  • The ownership and copyright of the publication
  • The authority, public standing, and/or credibility of the filmmakers and producers with relation to the exhibition content


  • Filmmakers have appropriate levels of insurance to film, public indemnity and liability are a minimum, and additional insurance may be required based on any of the Museum’s collections agreements for items on loan
  • The National Building Museum’s Collections Policy, which list separate conditions than summarized here, must be strictly adhered to
  • A prospectus on the film or documentary must be provided to the National Building Museum at least one week in advance of the requested filming date for review
  • The Museum rarely allows independent filming in an exhibition during opening hours (10 am-5 pm) as it impacts visitors to the Museum
  • Filming outside the Museum’s hours may require additional staff and if such costs are incurred, they may be passed on to the filmmaker
  • At minimum, the National Building Museum will be credited in the film, and in some cases partner institutions, artifacts, curators, or spokespersons will receive credits
  • The National Building Museum reserves the right to charge location fees for any independent filmmaking that results in profit from use of the Museum, its exhibitions or its intellectual property

Q: How do I obtain high-resolution images of works in current exhibitions or of the National Building Museum’s building interior and exterior?
A: Accredited media are permitted to download images of current exhibitions and of the building interior and exterior for fair usage from the Museum’s image library. You do not need a user ID or a password to download these images.

Q: May I take photographs or shoot video in the museum?
A: The Museum’s press office must grant permission for any professional photography or videography in the Museum. Please contact pressoffice@nbm.org.

Q: Can I take photos or film in the museum for my own personal use?
A: The Museum permits amateur photography in the public spaces of the Great Hall and the second floor balcony.

Q: I would like a photo of an item in your retail shop. How can I get one?
A: Please contact pressoffice@nbm.org.