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Big Build Festival 2015

What does it take to build a building?

Photo by Emily Clack.

You might start by buying your materials from Community Forklift. You could hire the Clark Construction Group to dig the foundation, Miller & Long to pour concrete, ironworkers from IMPACT to erect a steel frame, Continental Building Products to put up the walls, and Shapiro and Duncan to install plumbing, heating and cooling. You’ll need Wagner Roofing to put the roof on, and designers from the American Society of Landscape Architects to plan the surrounding area. AIA/DC’s Committee on the Environment can help you make your building eco-friendly and energy efficient, and Love & Carrots can build a rooftop garden.

After all that, you still need to decorate. Why not ask Gold Leaf Studios and the artists from the National Capitol Art Glass Guild for a hand? Once you’re done, the Washington Conservation Guild and EverGreene Architectural Arts can help with preservation, as long you have scaffolding from Safway to help get them reach the high-up places.

Photo by Emily Clack Photography

It takes a lot of people to build a building, and you can meet them at The Big Build, the Museum’s annual hands-on festival of tools, trucks, and construction.  Like last year, you can saw logs, hammer nails, and design stained glass art. This year, you can also climb a scaffolding bridge, use a screwgun, and be in charge of a crane. The Museum’s long-running festival gives visitors of all ages a chance to experience something new and different.

Younger visitors can get their first hands-on experience with a hammer or a drill, while older children and adults can practice applying joint compound and casting plaster ornaments or learn about green roofs. Exhibitors from over 20 building trades organizations will be on hand to run a wide variety of activities and to talk to visitors about their work. Exhibitors from more than 20 organizations in the building trades will be on hand to share their expertise and walk visitors through their work.

Join us for free, September 19, 2015, from 10 am – 4 pm.

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