3-D Model of the National Building Museum

This three-dimensional model of the National Building Museum was created by Google for its 3-D Warehouse using Google Sketchup. If you download the application and building file, you'll be able to view the building in even greater detail and examine its interior.

Architect Crystal Olin designed the model. She reports that they chose the National Building Museum because it was voted as one of America's favorite 150 buildings (http://favoritearchitecture.org/afa150.html) in 2007. Ms. Olin spoke to us about how the project came to be: "I specifically chose to model the interior of it because I had lived in Washington, D.C. earlier that year and was quite charmed with the building. I thought it was a good candidate to show off how a building can be modeled both inside and out for Google Earth. Now that these models are created, they can be viewed and downloaded by anyone and used for many purposes. For example, these models are often useful to architects when researching and modeling a site for their own projects. Also, how you are using this model is a great example of what we hoped might happen."